An introduction to chastity

lock representing chastity


Chastity is a good way to practice your sexual skills and improve focus. Many men have adopted this approach to learning more about pleasing their partners.

We will discuss chastity, cock cages and other important questions about male chastity in this article.

What is Male chastity?

Male chastity refers to giving others control over your penis. Men usually look to better their sexual lives and chastity remains a unique option to do so. While many men are still rigid about chastity, others have embraced it fully. With male chastity, you can surrender your genitals to your spouse, lover or even a stranger you haven't met. Some men even enjoy it alone.

Furthermore, chastity can mean different things to people depending on their understanding of it. Chastity will make will let you have a unique feeling about the experience. Many men have said this experience is both educational and entertaining.

It's pretty difficult to surrender your penis to others and just enjoy the experience. Male chastity is more of a slave and master relationship where you fulfil the desires of your partner. The person that holds the key to your cage, known as the key holder, will have the luxury of ordering you to do as they please.

Male chastity has many aspects which you will find enjoyable once you trust them. Male chastity starts with a cock cage which comes in various sizes.

What is a cock cage?

A cock cage, also known as penis cage, is a basic device for male chastity. This cage keeps your penis trapped and doesn't allow the wearer to touch their penis or have an erection. A cock cage is a must for anyone who wants to experience male chastity.

Wearing a cock cage can help men concentrate better and be mentally focused during sex, as well as making their penis more sensitive. It doesn't allow the male brain to be controlled by regular erections and the need to have an orgasm.

Moreover, when you have finally become unlocked by your generous master, it makes the orgasm you have more intense and satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wearing a cock cage improve my sexuality?

Yes, wearing a cock will improve your sex life, if you submit to and abide by your master. It has been established that using a cock cage has a tremendous effect on your sex life. With chastity you are less focused on your own pleasure, dedicating yourself to pleasing your partner.

What happens if I experience pain using a cock cage?

If you feel any pain when using the cock cage, you will need to check for any cracks or breaks in the cage. You should also ensure that the cock cage doesn't have sharp edges that can injure your penis. If the cock cage is in good condition, you may need to review your measurements to ensure that your cage fits properly. Consider the type of material of the cage too. Some chastity users will use silicone cock cages as they are made of a soft flexible material which will mould around your body. 

Is lube necessary when using a cock cage?

Generally, when you want to use a cock cage, using lube the first time is recommended. Lubes allow your cock to move freely until you have become more experienced using your cock cage.

Is urinating possible when wearing a cock cage?

Some cages feature slits that allow you to urinate while in chastity. This is why it's recommended to get a cock cage that allows you to go to the bathroom without having to remove your cage, if you are interested in long-term chastity. However, it's possible that some men will have problems urinating while in chastity.


Male chastity is a good, unique way to improve your performance in bed. It allows you to become a better lover by putting yourself second, improves mental clarity and rewards your time in chastity with an intense orgasm. The key is having a reliable and trustworthy partner who understands you.