How to Choose the Right Size Cock Cage For You

measuring tape for cock cages


A quality cock cage is essential for having a good time while being locked up in chastity. The cage you select should be properly sized to ensure that it fits well and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Follow our sizing guide so you buy chastity cages that fit both your needs and your body.

Cock Cage Components

Understanding the design and individual components of the cage will help you choose one that will fit you perfectly. There are three different measurements that need to be considered when choosing a cock cage:

  1. The back ring that is fitted around the base of the penis and scrotum
  2. The cage length, which is a measure of your flaccid penis length.
  3. The internal cage diameter, which is a measure of your penis girth.

Measuring for the Back Ring

The first measurement to make is the one for the back ring of the chastity cage. It should fit tightly enough that the ring stays in place when worn, but not so tight that it may restrict blood flow to the area.

Follow these steps to accurately take your back ring measurement:

  1. Use a piece of string and a flat ruler. Using a string of similar thickness to the back ring of the cage can increase the accuracy of your measurement.
  2. Wrap the string around your penis and testicles, marking where the string meets after it wraps all the way around. Tie it in a loose knot
  3. Tie it in a loose knot, wearing it for a few minutes to ensure it feels comfortable and that it isn’t cutting off blood flow.
  4. Untie the knot and measure up to the mark you made earlier.

Measuring for Cage Length

The next measurement to take is for the length of the cage. Use a flat ruler to measure your flaccid penis, keeping the ruler pressed against the public bone. Make sure the ruler is laying flat on top of the penis while you measure the length, starting from the puibic bone to the tip of the penis.

Depending on the fit you want to have when locked up, feel free to subtract up to half of an inch from the final measurement if you want a tighter fit.

This measurement needs to be taken when completely flaccid. Working fast is important here as becoming aroused will start to make your measurement inaccurate.

Measuring for Cage Diameter

The final measurement to take is for the diameter of the cage. Like the previous steps, you must be flaccid when measuring. Follow these steps:

  1. Wrap a piece of string around the thickest part of your penis.
  2. Mark the string on where it ends as it completely wraps around the penis.
  3. Divide your measurement by 3.14 to get the diameter of the penis.

You should now have all the measurements required to buy correctly sized chastity cages. If you would like your final measurements to be more precise, take additional measurements throughout the day and use the average.

What Is the Cage Made With?

The material your chastity cage is made of can also influence your comfort and sexual experience. Here are some examples of popular materials:

  • Metal provides a weighted, heavy duty feeling.
  • Resin is firm but lightweight.
  • Silicone is soft and flexible, but will still keep you locked up.

Don’t Forget the Lock

Chastity cages have two common locking mechanisms. The first is a sliding barrel lock, which is good for staying discreet. The lock sits inside the cage and will not make any noise when moving, or create a suspicious bulge in your underwear like a padlock would.

A padlock is good for the visual representation of being locked up. It is also a lot more accessible for your keyholder to unlock and lock your cage with an external padlock, as the sliding barrel locks are a lot easier to lock and unlock yourself. If you want to use a padlock without the noise, you will need to strap the lock down with tape or a band.

Does the Colour Matter?

Colour does not affect the quality of your cage. A pink cage and a black cage of the same design will be exactly the same, except for the colour. Pick colours that you are happy and confident wearing, but ensure that you are picking correctly sized cages that happen to be in your colour. Choosing colour over a correctly sized cage may cause you discomfort.

Preparation is Key

Finding quality cages that fit you well are the most important part about your journey into chastity play. Your cage should be loose enough that you don’t injure yourself and tight enough that you are properly locked up. If you start slipping out of the cage or back ring, or you start to experience discomfort, then you may need to measure yourself again and adjust sizings accordingly. Chastity is all about enhancing your sexual pleasure with forced restraint and power play, so you should avoid injuring yourself by preparing for it properly.