How to take care of your silicone chastity cage

glove holding cleaning product to clean silicone chastity cage


Silicone chastity cages can spice up your sex life. These sex toys can be used by yourself or together with a partner that wants to take control.

Like regular chastity cages, silicone cages need to be taken care of properly and cleaned between uses. Forgetting to clean your silicone chastity cage invites foul smells and puts you at risk of getting an infection. Here are some methods for keeping your silicone chastity cage clean.

Different Cleaning Methods

Here are three different methods you can use to clean your silicone chastity cage:


An easy and effective way to clean your silicone chastity cage is to put in boiling water. You can safely boil medical grade silicone to thoroughly clean it. Do this for 10 minutes to ensure that the cage has been sterilised. Not all stores sell medical grade silicone products, so only buy from a reputable chastity cage store.        

Soap and Water

Not as thorough as using boiling water, but will get the job done a lot faster. Use warm/hot water and soap to clean your silicone chastity cage. Rinse afterwards, making sure that it is dry before using again.

Toy Cleaner

You can also clean your silicone chastity cage by using a sex toy cleaner, which can be found at online and local sex stores. Wash and rinse your cage using the toy cleaner, following the recommended instructions to ensure that your cage is clean and ready to be used again.

What happens if you don't wash your silicone chastity cage?

Here are some things to expect when you don't clean your silicone chastity cage:

Bacteria build-up

We take showers frequently to clean ourselves and your chastity cage is no exception. Not cleaning your cage will turn it into a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, which can cause further complications if not dealt with.

Foul Odour

The accumulation of sweat, grime and bacteria will make your chastity cage stink. You should clean your cage frequently enough that this doesn’t happen, but if you do start to smell something off down there then that is a sign to clean your cage as soon as possible.

How to store silicone chastity cage after cleaning

Once you are done cleaning your cock cage, you should store it properly so that it stays clean until the next time you use it.

if your cock cage didn’t come with something to store it in, like a pouch or a box, you can purchase one separately to use instead.

If you don’t want to purchase something to store your cage in, it can be stored in a cool, dry and dark place like a drawer. Silicone chastity cages are quite resistant to breaking, but you should purchase a new one if you notice signs of damage like tearing or cracks.


Your silicone chastity cage, like all sex toys, needs to be maintained properly and cared for after using it. Following our tips and different methods for keeping your cage clean will ensure that your cage stays fresh and safe to use.